Striving for a stress-free move?
November 15, 2016


Let’s face it; the joy of moving into a new home or office can be dampened by the pressure of relocating your property. The need to ensure that everything valuable gets to the new haven in one piece can deny you a few nights of sleep. Luckily, though, there are reliable companies offering city removals services.

From packing up your stuff and helping you set them up in your new abode, you can rest easy and look forward to a trouble-free move. Nevertheless, you need to make a few preparations beforehand to ensure that the aided move will be smooth.

Preparing for your move

Once you have decided to contract the services of a city removals company, there are a number of considerations you shouldn’t forget…

1.    Make a decision on the possessions you will be moving out with and those that will be left behind, sold, given out or kept in storage.

You do not want to take up much of the movers’ time by sorting out your items when they have already arrived to help you pack up.

Sort out your items beforehand and make any necessary arrangements for those that you will not be carrying with you in good time.

2.    Inform the movers of those valuables that are unique in size or weight so that they can check them out and come with the right packaging materials and containers.

Better yet, you may have them come and check out the possessions beforehand so that they can prepare better for the D-day.

3.    If you wish to handle your packaging by yourself, start early enough.

Get the right boxes and other necessary containers and start by packing items that you do not need to use on a daily basis. You might want to properly label your boxes to avoid confusion once you reach the new destination and try to pack up.

4.    If it gives you peace of mind, handle all the valuables you cherish yourself

From collectibles to hand-downs, everybody has that possession that they highly value and cannot even consider losing. If you have any such valuables and would wish to be assured of their safety, then it is probably best to pack them and even transport them in your car.

This does not mean, though, that the movers do not have the competence and thoughtfulness of handling them with care, it simply is a surety that your treasures will be given the gentleness they deserve.

5.    Ensure that the place you will be moving into is in the right shape

If possible, it is important to confirm early on if the place is clean and has any due renovations completed.

You do not want to move your items into a place that is not fit for immediate habitation. Moreover the fatigue of unpacking and settling in is big in itself, without the added burden of hasty clean-ups.

Yes Removals is a reliable, Sydney professional moving company that can see to it that you reach your new abode without much drama. You can learn more about their city removals services on their website: Yes Removal.

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